Thursday, April 2, 2009

looking for a name

Hi girls, this is an example of a design for the header of the blog. Do you like it?
But I have bad news... "The Imaginary band" is a band from Texas, so... we need a new name. We can use this as a surname.


  1. Anyway, if someone wants to customize the blog... Manager, we need the password! :)
    Could you send it us to the email?

  2. so good that you reminded, i didn´t think about it;) i just sent it to you all by mail.
    the header looks good! like a cool club sign or something like that.
    but pity there already exists a band with the same name..

  3. I like the header, too. Too bad the name is already taken :(

  4. I like the header also. Will also think up some names. Cheers!

  5. I like the header as well shame the name is already taken. >__<

  6. I think this is the perfect header for our band!

    it's a pitty for the name we'll probably have to change - do we really have to?

  7. Well, change it for "An imaginary band"
    or " our imaginary band"
    or "Imaginary band"

    ANd then why should you care? A lot of people are called Smith and they don't change names :) It's a sweet and cool name, I like it!

  8. yee, i´m also thinking do we really have to change it? i mean, in case if this texas band takes a contact and says that this is not ok, then of course..but maybe we are not so big threat for them;)
    ..or we van be The Imaginary Band X..

  9. hahaha ok!
    we won´t change the name :)

  10. yes! that header looks cool!

    sorry girls, i have had problems with my hand.
    but i´ll be back- just resting a bit...