Wednesday, April 1, 2009

the band

Hello everybody! Wellcome to the band carage;) I just made this place where we can meet, talk and make plans about the band, music, life, what ever comes in to your minds.
Feel free to customize this blog, change the style, make a new banner, how ever you want! Would be nice to see it getting it´s own look by you:)
Post photos, stories, songs, ideas and inspirations. Let´s make this our own band space!

Would be also nice to get to know all of you. When you have time, post a picture/photo of yourself and a little something about you, and what you are playing in this band!

Oh, and what about the name? I now named this blog as The Imaginary Band, but we can still think about it.


  1. oh my, i´m totally not good in i´m confused how to connect this blog with my own, Bamarik-blog? oh well, maybe i learn;)

  2. you have done it very good!!
    now we have a place to meet :)

    if you want i could customize it with some little things, make a grafic design, etc.

  3. please do Nazara, that would be great!

  4. I just say:

    G R A N D I O S !!!!!!

    thank you manager!!!

  5. thank YOU ladies;D
    i´m now double in this group cause i messed up a bit with signing in;) i will try to fix this soon..

  6. This seems really interesting! I am so happy that I could be a apart of imaginary band! Very excited!! ox

  7. I'm very excited to be the first fan of this imaginary band!!
    Outi, you are doing excellent here! great managing!!

  8. All right...I'm a little late- but I'm here now!!
    Let the music begin! Great job Outi :)

  9. I´m also a little late. Remember first practice is here in Spain. Great job Outi! Un beso Jane

  10. this is so great!
    outi you are the best manager!!
    thank you :)